Paco Peña - Solera

"A special mention is due for Tom Wickens’ vivid and varied lighting designs."


Paco Peña - Flamencura

"...the lighting is superb..." [...] "The show’s lighting design (Tom Wickens) is very simple, but impressive enough to deserve special mention. A coloured backdrop and clever spotlights create a rich, dramatic atmosphere and effectively frame the dancers’ proud stances, the flurry of their skirts, and the shapes created with their arms."
(Bargain Theatre Land)

"On a bare stage, a few chairs against Tom Wickens’s lighting that changes from the blaze of day to midnight blue and blackest night, hearts are laid bare. Daytime passion and nocturnal introspection, angry and plaintive, desires reverberate through interpretative movement and song."
(British Theatre Guide)

"Tom Wickens’ lighting design – in particular – provides both flow and fluctuation in the work’s ongoing visual stimulation."

Fiji Land

"Coupled with Max Pappenheim’s searing sound design and Tom Wickens cyclical lighting, the aesthetic ensures that tension remains high both on stage and in the audience."
(A Younger Theatre)

"The set and lighting (very well done by Ruth Hall and Tom Wickens respectively)..."
(The Public Reviews)

The Ones Who Kill Shooting Stars

"Also, the pink light of the flares, which Henry has the compulsion to constantly set off, bounce beautifully off the white parachute which covers the back wall. This use of light is repeated at the most heightened and surreal moments, such as the first time we see a dead man move, and it aids us in taking the leap to believing the unbelievable."
(The Good Review)

"Tom Wickens’ lighting design is naturalistic and stylised in equal measure, smoothly taking you from a chilly Irish evening to a meeting of the undead with ease."
(Bargain Theatre Land)

"While Ruth Hall’s design is incredibly realistic, with its beach chairs and shed – Tom Wickens’ lighting and Max Pappenheim’s sound design use violet tones and haunting echoes to remind the viewer of this world's ever-changing realities"

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